Me Encanta Duolingo!

I’ve been playing with Duolingo for around a month, specifically with the Spanish module. It’s absolutely fantastic. I’d signed up for an invitation back in the day as I tend to sign up for any new startups or services I think may be cool to try out. I had as much interest in learning Spanish at this time as I do in learning to bake, which is in the category of ‘it’d be nice but i have other things to do.’ Since trying it out, I’ve been totally hooked! The feeling engendered by the act of proper recollection is deeply satisfying. I can’t say I recall much of anything I learned in French or Arabic classes back in school and I did those for 2 and 3 yrs respectively. But I was able to recall words, sentences and even basic verb conjugations just two days after starting Duolingo.

So, if you have any interest at all in learning Spanish, French, Italian, German or Portuguese (these are the available modules currently), click over to Duolingo, you’ll thank me later.

Oh, did I mention it’s absolutely free?