Bam! Pow!

Pow is awesome

I understood the obsessive focus of talented hackers on customizing and shortening every part of the development workflow, including reducing one word (5 letter) commands to 2 letter commands, in an intellectual manner, but I hadn’t felt it, till I started experimenting with Rails development. Typing rails s every minute can get old. This is where pow along with powder have been awesome. Now when I create a new rails app, I just run powder link to create a pow dev server for my app. Now, whenever I feel like testing out my app in the browser, I just launch powder open and the app is served in the browser. This replaces launching the rails server, followed by switching to the server and navigating to localhost:3000.

So, I want to end by thanking the 37Signals dev team, along with Adam Rogers and Phil Nash for making my life easier.